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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finally...A New Spiderman Cake!

Well, it's been a long summer...with not so many cakes. Oh well. I guess that's life.

I was, however, very excited to see a new Spiderman cake pan on the rental wall at Bulk Barn! I was getting pretty tired of the same 'ole "Jazz Hands" Spiderman when I had another order for a Spiderman cake for a little boy's birthday. I had a great time decorating this cake, as it was a little more challenging than the others.

This cake was done for a lovely lady named Kate, who's son was turning 3....and a 4 week old baby at home! She was very happy to find out that my cakes are peanut-free as her son is newly allergic to all nuts. When I dropped off the cake, the little boy was so excited to have a Spiderman cake, that he couldn't stop smiling!

I'm sorry the picture quality is not that great..

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