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Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Very First Wedding Cake!

Early in the year, one of our young art teachers became engaged to her wonderful boyfriend. She had heard that I was a cake decorator in my second life, and asked if I could make her wedding cake.

I said "I don't do wedding cakes. Too much pressure."

So she replied "I just want a simple cake. Three tiers, white fondant, ribbon. Easy."

So I said "Okay, when is the wedding?"

She said "Nov 6, 2010".

No worries! November is usually a quiet time for me. I'm back in to the swing of things at school; the kids have returned to their normal 8:00pm bed will be good and I'll have time to plan and create my first wedding cake.

Right. Then we decided to put our house up for sale and move. Our moving date? November 18, 2010.

So the peaceful creative decorating time I had envisioned quickly turned into packing chaos and flying icing sugar. Every time I turned around to grab a decorating tool, I realized it was packed in the garage.

Did I mention that the simple cake morphed into a more elaborate designed, inspired by a cake created by Bakerella?

So, after a week of baking and freezing, I got down to business on the Friday night. There was icing EVERYWHERE! But the kids were asleep, and Rob was playing video games, so I had a nice time creating Kristy's wedding cake.

2 hours later, this was the final product:

So, I would like to say "Congratulations!" to Kristy and Dan, and "Thanks!" for letting me decorate My Very First Wedding Cake!



  1. The cake looks even better when you can see how big it actually is. Great job Daleman.

  2. The cake's stunning! What a beautiful piece of art! Matches the bride's dress!