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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Tonight, I'm going to dispel a common myth. I'm going to burst the bubble. I'm going to let the cat out of the bag.

Chocolate dipped strawberries are EASY!!

I'm always shocked when I see bakeries and chocolatiers selling hand-dipped chocolate strawberries for upwards of $2.50/berries. Sure, they may use better chocolate, but really, who needs it?

So here's how to make your own chocolate dipped strawberries:

Start with dry, washed strawberries (you may want to do this the day before, water will wreck the chocolate)
 In a microwave safe bowl, melt lots of chocolate chips (or better chocolate if you desire) and 1-2 tsp of Parawax (this is what gives the chocolate the shiny texture when then dry, and is found in most candy)

Hold the strawberry by the stem and dip into the chocolate. Let the extra fall off.

Place on a parchement paper lined cookie sheet. Cool.

That's it! I'm not kidding!

These will surely be a hit at your next holiday party!


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