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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Satin Ice Fondant is my Saviour!

I have been baking cakes for over 2 years now, and one thing has alway plagued me. How do I make icing and fondant red? So, the natural course of action is to add red food colour. Go to the Bulk Barn and buy Red Red Wilton Colour Gel. At best you get a chemical tasting salmon pink. Let's try that again.

Back to the Bulk Barn. This time, try Red (no taste) colour gel. Again, salmon pink.

Screw that. I have discovered a wonderful little cake shop in Pickering--Flour Confection--that sells Satin Ice Fondant. And they sell it in red. Not pink. Not light red. But real, honest to goodness Christmas red.

I'm never mixing my own red icing again!

So last night, I cracked out my tubs of Satin Ice fondant in red and black and created this cake for Sophia, who was having her 17th birthday party today. It is a 12" chocolate and vanilla cake, torted and filled with vanilla buttercream. The cake was iced in buttercream and then decorated with fondant.

I hope Sophia had a great party today!

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