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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jay!

Happy Birthday, Jay! I met Jay through my husband as they work together at Dell. Jay and I got to know each other better while we were both on maternity leave at the same time! I love making cakes for Jay and her family. Her daughter, Mya, is allergic to peanuts as is my daughter. I feel great being able to make cakes for all their occasions that are peanut free--she no longer has to worry!

This is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing--and my first attempt at a fondant bow. I'll keep practicing--it's not so great--but the next one should be better.

Would you like to order a cake like this? This cake would only cost you $30. Not bad eh?


  1. Great job with the fondant bow, every cake seems to get better than the last...Keep it up!!
    Love Mom

  2. This one is my almost inspire me - but I think I may just order from you! Great cakes Casey!

    Christine A