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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday, Eric!

My nephew is turning 10 on Monday. Wow how time flies. I remember the night he was born, it was the night before my first full day as a teacher. It was pretty exciting!

So tonight, we are all heading over to celebrate his 10th birthday.

And I was in charge of the cake....

Usually, he asks for some kind of sports themed/superhero cake. I've done a soccer ball cake, soccer cake, spiderman cake, football cake...

Enough sports already.

So this is the biggest cake I could think of for my little nephew (who's not so little any more!).

That's right. It's a 4 layer chocolate and vanilla cake. It's two full cakes in one!

And covered in Smarties!


I hope he has a wonderful birthday and enjoys every ounce of this massive cake.

Happy Birthday, Eric!

Love Auntie Casey
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