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Monday, December 27, 2010

Help! My Kitchen has been Hijacked!

Help! My kitchen has been hijacked! I had just returned home from my last minute Christmas shopping to find  my kitchen had been taken over by flour, cookies and my loving husband. You see, I've been off school for a week and have been baking a little bit at a time. Well, today is my husband's first day off, and he's trying to cram a week's worth of baking into 4 hours.

Watch out! You have been warned!

This is my husband. Yes, he is sick, and tired and sick and tired.

When I got home, I found trays of gingerbread cookies waiting to go into the oven.

Whipped shortbread cookies cooling on top of the oven...

A flour explosion over the entire kitchen.....

And Rob complaining that the oven can't keep up with his burst of baking energy....

Oops! Rob nearly dropped the cookies while posing for my picture!
 Here's the final tally:
24 double chocolate cream cheese brownies (You definitely need a glass a milk with these!)

I love the holidays. I love having time to bake all sorts of yummy treats for my kids, their teachers and my family.

But the baking didn't stop there. The next morning, as Rob was finishing the last of his Christmas shopping--which consisted of going to Shopper's Drug Mart for my stocking stuffers--I continued to bake. A lemon meringue pie and mini-chocolate cheesecakes for the Daleman family dinner.

So good.


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