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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kate!

When I had my first daughter Rachel in 2006, I got to know two other teachers at my school really well. Lisa and Loreena both became mom's at the same time as me. We spent our maternity leave year hanging out in Lisa's kitchen while the 3 kids entertained themselves. It was a great year.

Well, we all returned to work in 2007--pregnant. AJ (Lisa's son) was born on February 7th, Kate (my daughter) was born February 18th and Luciano (Loreena's son) was born February 25th.  So there we were, the 3 muskateers all on maternity leave again!

To celebrate the Kate and Luciano's first birthday, Loreena and I decided to have a joint playgym party for the kids. It was chaos! There were 24 kids ranging in age from 3 months to 8 years and 25 parents all crammed into Kids on the Loose in Markham.

My job was the cake (surprise, surprise!). So, this is Kate's cake. All pink. All girl. It is a three tiered butter cream and fondant cake. There were two layers on chocolate cake and one layer of french vanilla.

But wait...what about Luciano's cake?

...keep reading.

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